Picture from End of the Line (c) Participation Design Agency AB and White Wolf. Photo by Bjarke Pedersen

Toolkit: The Tap-Out

This is the second in a series of posts about the safety and calibration systems used in the New Orleans run of the larp End of the Line. Today’s mechanic is so obvious that I would assume it’s been “invented” independently in a bunch of larp communities, although I’m relatively certain I hadn’t come across it before I introduced it in my calibration design for Inside … Continue reading Toolkit: The Tap-Out

Picture from End of the Line New Orleans. (c) White Wolf and Participation Design Agency AB. Photo by Bjarke Pedersen

Toolkit: The OK Check-In

This post is really about the OK check-in safety mechanic. But I like to talk, so there’s three paragraphs of preamble before I even get there. Two or three of the currently most influential techniques or concepts in player safety and playstyle calibration in our play communities were invented or significantly iterated in literally the last half year. I love this because even after decades it still … Continue reading Toolkit: The OK Check-In